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The Man Who Invented Email now delivers the Truth Freedom Health® System to make you STREET SMART so you may see things as they truly are – beyond “Left” vs. “Right” & “Pro” vs. “Anti” – and improve every aspect of your life: your body, your relationships, your business, and your world. 

Why Truth Freedom Health®?

Over 360,000 users

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Over 360,000+ users across 95 countries use the Dr. SHIVA™ Truth Freedom Health® System to create their future.

Stories of Transformation

Dr. SHIVA™ Truth Freedom Health® System is empowering individuals from across diverse backgrounds to transform their lives from illusion to wisdom.

A History of Winning

Performing original scientific research. Speaking truth at the right time - not when it's fashionable.

In October of 2020, Dr. SHIVA was the first to expose in his victorious lawsuit that it is Government that has an unholy alliance with Big Tech e.g. Twitter.  He shared his lawsuit with the Wall Street Journal, Tucker Carlson, Glen Greenwald, who did NOTHING at the time, and waited TWO years – after it was opportune and fashionable to present themselves as anti-establishment.

Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brnovich recognized the validity of Dr. SHIVA’s scientific study that exposed the flaws in Signature Verification and Curing and recommends investigation. Out of all the election integrity work done in Arizona, only this work stood the scrutiny of the AG’s office.  All others were ignored. 

Dr. SHIVA presented in Court to Federal Judge Mark Wolf the Censorship Infrastructure he discovered created by the U.S. Government in collusion with Big Tech and various agencies to silence the speech of those Americans who exposed government corruption.

On May 2021, Dr. Shiva presented in Federal Court the Playbooks he discovered co-authored by Twitter, MA Government officials and agencies that were used silence his speech while he was running for U.S. Senate.

Dr. SHIVA was thrown off Twitter after he exposed the MA Government’s deletion of ballot images violating 52 USC 20701.  He discovered that it was MA Government using a special portal that had contacted Twitter to throw him off the platform.  He won the terms of TRO in Federal Court with the Judge appalled that the Secretary of State of MA would do something so egregious to violate the First Amendment.

On September 2020, by all accounts, Dr. SHIVA was headed for a landslide victory in his Republican Primary U.S. Senate Race.  Lo and behold he only wins in Franklin County where the ballots are mainly hand-counted and loses in every other MA County 60/40 where voting machines are used. He then demanded the Ballot Images, and found out they were deleted in violation of Federal Law. 

Dr. Shiva exposes Elizabeth Warren to indeed be a FAKE INDIAN by forcing her to take DNA Test Revealing HER Racism and utter lack of integrity.

Win in Federal Lawsuit against City of Cambridge for violation of Free Speech, in which attempted City attempted to prohibit Dr. SHIVA from putting a banner on his bus that said “Only the Real Indian, Can Defeat the Fake Indian.”

Exposing the Massachusetts GOP (Republicans) Collusion with the Democrats to Keep OUT Outside Agents of Change.

At his MIT PhD graduation ceremony, Dr. SHIVA protested the War in Iraq long before it was popular to do so.

Launch of the first online community for artists globally to use the Internet to go direct, eliminating gatekeepers.

Successful blockade of genocidal Sri Lankan Prime Minister from
Visiting M.I.T.

The Problem

Lots of information at your fingertips, yet billions are degenerating into complacency, division and desperation

  • 350 million are anxious.
  • 300 million are depressed.
  • 51% of children feel hopeless.
  • 40% want to overthrow their governments.
  • 2 billion adults and 500 million children are obese.
  • 52% are completely confused on what to eat or avoid.
  • 95% have health problems with one-third having 5 ailments.

The system of Power Profit Control is the engine of ignorance

The system of power profit control ensures that its users – billions across the planet – never see the whole – never see things as they truly are and remain in ignorance.  Regardless of the amount of information they consume, this ignorance leads to their illusion of every aspect of themselves and the world.

Ignorance drives confusion that enslaves you in

  1. DIVISION into “LEFT” & “RIGHT” or  “PRO-” & “ANTI-” on every issue, be it in politics or health;
  2. COMPLACENCY in “going off the grid” or meditating under a tree for the rest of your life; or
  3. DESPERATION that drives you to react to likely hurt yourself, your community, or your loved ones.

Politicians, gurus and grifters - "Left" & "Right" - are the machinery of ignorance

Politicians, gurus, and grifters profit by your division, complacency and desperation. They do not educate you. They entertain you. They imprison you by seducing you into senseless “Left” & “Right” or “Pro-” & “Anti-” tirades, never delivering real solutions or speaking the truth at the right time.

The Solution

Knowledge is the key to break free from the system of power profit control

Knowledge is the engine that enables you to gain Wisdom from Information.  The ultimate Knowledge is the Science of Systems – the science that will empower you to to see the whole – to you see things as they truly are.

Wisdom leads to clarity which empowers you to be

  1. ACTIVE and dynamic to connect with your neighbors, get on the ground and meet strangers and share them what you’ve learned.
  2. INNOVATIVE to unleash your creativity to identify real problems and innovate real solutions. 
  3. ORGANIZED in your own life and collectively to take action with clear goals to win.

Let go of the OLD system and learn to think

If you want to continue to be a “user”of the system of power profit control, you will be perpetually blinded by ignorance. That system tells you WHAT to think. However, now for the first time in history, you have access to Knowledge that will enable you to become your own “Guru” to gain Wisdom that can lead you to Clarity in thoughts and deeds. Use the Truth Freedom Health® System and learn HOW to THINK.

Dr. SHIVA™ Truth Freedom Health® System

The KNOWLEDGE that will deliver you WISDOM.
Powered by in-house technology and
supported by a global community of real people like you.

An integrated system of knowledge

The Dr. SHIVA™ Truth Freedom Health® System is an integrated system of KNOWLEDGE with its core component being the Science of Systems curricula. The system of Power Profit Control educates its leaders at elite institutions to learn this science. They neither share with you the importance of this knowledge nor make it accessible.  


Dr. SHIVA has worked long and hard to make the Science of Systems accessible to all

Dr. SHIVA’s unique and profound journey across East & West, Science & Tradition, Ancient & Modern led to his development of the Truth Freedom Health® System now making the knowledge of the Science of Systems accessible to all. Dr. SHIVA previously taught this at places such as MIT and Harvard.  Regardless of your education or your status, now anyone can access this knowledge through the Truth Freedom Health® System.

Get Educated,
Or Be Enslaved™

During these times of chaos and uncertainty, the system of power profit control seeks to drive you into complacency, division and desperation.  But you have taken time to visit  You now have at your fingertips the choice to access this invaluable knowledge. 


Features of the Truth Freedom Health® System

Foundation of Systems™ Course

The Foundation of Systems course educates you on the Science of Systems in 11 easy-to-understand video modules. After each module, you will be asked checkup questions.  Every Mondays, lectures are held on-line by previous graduates to support your education.  Dr. SHIVA has taught this course at major universities like MIT and Harvard as well as to leaders in major corporations for nearly 20 years.  The course is valued at over $5,000.

Four incredible eBooks

Four best-selling eBooks are included in the Truth Freedom Health® System. The System and Revolution will provide you the fundamentals.  The Science of Everything deepens your understanding.  Your Body, Your System advances your knowledge to see how your body is a system.  Finally, Your System, Your Life will allow you to apply these systems principles in every aspect of your life.  These books are valued at over $100.

The breakthrough scientific paper integrating Eastern Medicine with Western Systems Theory

You gain access to Dr. SHIVA’s seminal paper documenting his breakthrough discovery revealing the missing link – the “Rosetta Stone” – connecting modern systems theory with ancient systems of medicine – Ayurveda and Siddha to reveal that the principles of system science are eternal – dating back over 5,000 years.  The paper is written in an easy-to-understand format.  

Your Body,
Your System® Software

Your Body, Your System® is a powerful software tool – an online “laboratory” – that allows you to witness first-hand how systems principles are universal and manifest in your own body. You will be able to know what kind of system you are,  when your system is “off-course,” and how to bring it back “on-course” with the use of foods, activities and exercise. This software is valued at $350.


CytoSolve® Open Science Institute™

Through a partnership with CytoSolve®, the Open Science Institute™ has been created enabling the Truth Freedom Health® System to provide you access to scientific reports from CytoSolve® demonstrating how systems science spans to the  molecular level and can be applied to foods.  Two scientific reports – on on Turmeric and the other on Ginger – are included.  You will learn food is a SYSTEM. This is valued at $750.

Events and Special Lectures

Each week you will have access to an Open House to meet other members of the Truth Freedom Health® community. Bimonthly special lectures by Dr. SHIVA are held on Saturdays on special topics where the the principles of systems science is applied to get insights beyond “Left” & “Right” or “Pro-” & “Anti-.” Weekly Warrior-Scholar meetings further support users’ educational advancement.

Systems Health® Portal

The Systems Health® is another power software.  This software includes three licenses so you may share the knowledge of systems with your friends and allow them to experience how their body is a system.  You also have the ability to purchase additional licenses and may even use the portal to start your own Systems Health® business.  This is valued at $1,500.

One-on-One with Dr. SHIVA

All users of the Truth Freedom Health® System have access to a weekly event at which they can directly converse with Dr. SHIVA.

The Warrior-Scholar Global Community

The Truth Freedom Health® System is based on the Learn, Teach, Serve model.  Warrior-Scholars are veteran users of the System.  After they learn the knowledge, they are committed to teaching you – new users-  and serving humankind by applying the principles. The Warrior-Scholar global community is here to provide you one-on-one and group support.

Tools for On The Ground Activism

The Truth Freedom Health® System includes training tools for users to get on the ground in order to educate your local community on issues of the day with real solutions, beyond “Left” & “Right” or “Pro-” & “Anti-”  These tools include regular events on how to do a standout, flash cards, flyers, short videos and more.


The VASHIVA® Forum™ is a private in-house hosted discussion forum that enables users of the Truth Freedom Health® System to raise questions, propose topics, and engage in lively discussions.

VASHIVA® Social™

This tool which is also integrated into the Truth Freedom Health® System is a full-scale private social media platform – independent of Big Tech – that allows users to create their own profile pages, connect with other users as “friends,” make social media posts, and interconnect.


All of the videos on the Truth Freedom Health® Systems are delivered via VASHIVA® TV – an in-house hosted video platform, independent of Big Tech. This video platform contains all the course videos as well as LIVE streamed videos.

PLUS receive additional tools, strategy, and mentorship

Weekly LIVEs

Weekly LIVE Truth Freedom Health® Open House & Orientation sessions by Dr.SHIVA. He and other graduates will show you how to use the Truth Freedom Health® System tools & infrastructure independent of Big Tech 

3,000 hours of curriculum

Access to over 3000 hours of curriculum, lectures and System Analysis on the most important topics of our time.


Mentoring to support you on your Journey. (You can choose group or 1-on-1 mentoring)


Your choice of a 1-Year or a Lifetime Membership to Truth Freedom Health® and access to its Global Community and course content.

The Step-by-Step Path To Your Transformation



Phase 1 begins with you setting your goal – vision and mission – to be an agent of change for Truth Freedom Health® and committing to the Warrior-Scholar program. In this phase, other warrior scholar graduates will support your orientation in setting you up on all the incredible curricula and tools. Dr. SHIVA will teach you an ancient Siddha meditation and visualization technique that will support your goal setting to win Truth Freedom Health®.



Learn the Science of Systems – the same curricula taught by Dr.Shiva at places such as MIT and Harvard. You are encouraged to attend the Monday tutorials with teaching assistants to supplement the online self-paced course. Once you complete all the courses and pass the exam, you will receive a Foundation of Systems certificate. Completion of the course also involves your teaching the course twice to other students. This pedagogy is part of the Learn Teach and Serve model.



Dr. SHIVA, as a part of this program, will also provide you access to the powerful Your Body, Your System® software. With this tool, you will understand that the same forces that govern EVERY SYSTEM in the universe also is within you. You will discover what kind of system you are, when your system is off course, and how to use food, activity, and exercise to bring you back to you.



Using the Systems Health® portal, you are empowered to share the knowledge of systems with up to three other friends, neighbors and family. Dr. SHIVA wants you to share the knowledge of systems with others. You will also be provided a tool that will assist you in having conversation with your neighbors on controversial issues to discover common ground – the real problem and the real solution. Educating your neighbors is a prerequisite to graduating as a Warrior-Scholar.  



Using the Systems approach, you realize that among the nine principles of systems science,  the major Disturbance to building a movement of working people, bottom’s up, are the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment (NSOE). This Disturbance has historically destroyed movements. In this phase, you will realize why the NSOE is the real enemy of working people. 



Becoming a Warrior-Scholar of Truth Freedom Health® requires SERVICE, beyond the Learning and Teaching you will do. You will Serve by sharing the knowledge of systems in your community – by addressing real life problems by applying the science of systems – through standouts, handing out flyers, meeting your neighbors, etc. 

Learn from Dr. SHIVA and from veteran
users of the Truth Freedom Health® System

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD & The Inventor of Email

Knowledge is the ultimate investment

Education is something no one can take away from you

As Dr. Shiva’s great-grandfather a poor village farmer shared with him:

“The best thing one can do in times of crisis is to get educated with the right knowledge. That will pay back 100-fold.”

Investing in the Truth Freedom Health® System – which is worth over $7,500 – made available at a fraction of that value (see below) – delivers you the KNOWLEDGE to gain Wisdom that will advance every aspect of your life: your body, your relationships, your business, and more.


What makes the Truth Freedom Health® System so incredible

With over 40 years of proven results, the Truth Freedom Health® System will elevate your consciousness making you a force for change in yourself and others. As you use this System,  you’ll understand the world around you as it is, becoming active, interacting with other humans, learning the knowledge, teaching others, and serving life. Unlike the media and misleaders who force you on WHAT to think, here you to learn HOW to think.

What a life of Truth Freedom Health® looks like

  • An elevated consciousness
  • Your illusions destroyed
  • You being your OWN “Guru”
  • Seeing things as they TRULY are
  • Being a Light of Wisdom 
  • Knowing what’s right for YOU – Your Body, Your System®
  • Knowing that the Not-So-Obvious-Establishmet is the REAL enemy of progress
  • Building a Bottom’s Up movement every day
  • Building community and living healthier as never before
  • Uniting working people, Beyond Left & Right
  • Learning HOW to THINK (NOT What To THINK)

Take the leap to contribute and joint to receive the incredible gifts of knowledge

Exercise your accountability and historic duty. You can no longer say you don’t have the tools and excuse yourself into complacency, division, and desperation.  Take action, contribute and join to receive the incredible gifts of Truth Freedom Health® System.

Become your own "Guru" - become a Warrior-Scholar

We’re committed to YOU. When you contribute to Truth Freedom Health®, you’ll DESTROY IGNORANCE and ILLUSION in every aspect of your life across every system. Your thoughts and deeds will converge. Your VOICE will emerge. You will speak the truth such as:

“Voting has never changed history, only a Bottom’s up movements has”

“Hollywood celebrities will do nothing for Working People”

“The Kennedy’s exemplify institutionalized MISLEADERs.”

“What Trump did for Big Pharma, Obama did for Big Banks.”

“Without the Science of Systems, you are like a blind person groping in the dark.”

… or any of the other truths that will emerge from you as this program awakens your consciousness.

The Warrior-Scholar program results in incredible transformation – you become your OWN GURU!

Gifts you receive as a Warrior-Scholar

Contribute $100 or more and receive FIFTEEN gifts to support your education as a Warrior-Scholar

Featured and premium videos

Your Body, Your System® software

Access to VASHIVA Forum that is independent of Big Tech

Access to VASHIVA Social that is independent of Big Tech

Three other Systems Science eBooks

Access to groundbreaking research revealing the origin of system science across east and west.

System and Revolution eBook

Tools for local activism

Two CytoSolve® Scientific Research Reports

Enrollment into the Foundation of Systems LIVE & private workshop conducted by Dr.SHIVA

Access to Systems Health Portal containing course materials, videos and tools to support your workshop education and certification

Dr.SHIVA’s aim in providing the curricula – The Foundations of Systems – is to train leaders – Truth Freedom Health® Warrior–Scholars – who are committed to learning the “physics” of revolutionary change. The scientific principles discovered by  Dr.SHIVA will educate you on the nature of ALL systems.

The interconnection between Truth Freedom Health®

The importance of why we must build a Bottoms Up Movement

How the disturbance of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment derails and destroys movements.

Just as one cannot build a bridge without Newton’s Laws; an airplane without Bernoulli’s Principle; a transformer without Maxwell’s Equations, we cannot build a movement for Truth Freedom Health® without these scientific principles.

Gifts you receive as a Supporter

Contribute $25 to $99 and receive SIX gifts to support your education as a Supporter

Featured and premium videos

Your Body, Your System® software

Access to VASHIVA Forum that is independent of Big Tech

System and Revolution eBook

Tools for local activism

Access to groundbreaking research revealing the origin of system science across east and west.

The eBook System and Revolution provides you the Theory – the engineering systems science – in easy to understand language – of the 9 principles that govern every system in the universe. The educational software Your Body, Your System – created by Dr.SHIVA – provides you the Practice – a powerful educational tool to understand how those principles are reflected in your body, your system.

Gifts you receive as a Member

If you contribute $0 to $25, and receive THREE gifts to support your education as a Member

Featured and premium videos

Tools for local activism

Access to groundbreaking research revealing the origin of system science across east and west.

Contribution Plans

Truth Freedom Health® is founded on the values of reciprocity. When you contribute, Truth Freedom Health® reciprocates with valuable gifts to enable you to Learn Teach & Serve. $100 or more provides you with 15 gifts to become a Warrior-Scholar. $25-$99 provides you 6 gifts to be a Supporter. And, $0 to $24 provides you 3 gifts to become a Member.


Contribute $0- $25
$ 0
00 Year
  • Receive 3 Gifts
  • Featured Videos
  • Mask Research
  • Beyond Vaxx/Anti-Vaxx
  • 1 Person 1 Vote
  • Masks & Oral Health
  • Vaccines
  • Clean Elections
  • Rosetta Stone of Eastern & Western Medicine


Contribute $25- $99
$ 25
00 Year
  • Receive 6 Gifts
  • Featured Videos
  • Mask Research
  • Beyond Vaxx/Anti-Vaxx
  • 1 Person 1 Vote
  • Premium Videos
  • Your Body, Your System
  • System and Revolution
  • Forum
  • Regional Areas
  • Masks & Oral Health
  • Vaccines
  • Clean Elections
  • Rosetta Stone of Eastern & Western Medicine


Contribute $100 or more
$ 100
00 Year
  • Receive 15 Gifts
  • Featured Videos
  • Mask Research
  • Beyond Vaxx/Anti-Vaxx
  • 1 Person 1 Vote
  • Premium Videos
  • Foundations of Systems Video Archive
  • Your Body, Your System
  • Systems Health Portal
  • Systems Health Foundations of Systems
  • Monday LIVE Course
  • Thursday LIVE Weekly Summit
  • System and Revolution
  • The Science of Everything
  • Your Body Your System
  • Your System Your Life
  • Forum
  • Regional Areas
  • VASHIVA Social
  • Masks & Oral Health
  • Vaccines
  • Clean Elections
  • Rosetta Stone of Eastern & Western Medicine
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

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